Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our January

Curahee's Get Together

Aside from the fact that we celebrated New Year with the family during this month, I was also able to bond with friends - the Curahee. Friendship with these happy people started when we were still newbies in AOL. And we are so thankful that even if we are no longer in the same company, plus there were also few who are already working in foreign countries, we still manage to have our get-together every time we have the balikbayans. Of course, it always feels good to get these treats from them (hehe)  and to cope up with the happenings in our own lives.

The picture will tell you that we indeed enjoyed the night. It started with a dinner at Xtremely Xpresso at SM Clark. Check out the Big Ben pizza - it's always a hit with my friends (got different sets of friends but one common denominator: they all love Big Ben, heheh!). Then we went to Lei's crib and drank the night away.

Staying awake til 3 in the morning is always worth it when you are with good company. You never run out of stories to tell and you would never feel your cheeks hurting from non-stop laughing.

 Ate Vic Leaving for Australia
But then, life is not all about laughters... Sometimes, you also have to feel sadness. Ate Vic went to Australia last January 28. She's the wife of my brother, who happened to be our boardmate when we were in college. So guess what? More than a sister-in-law, she is also a good, good friend! After work, together with my other sister-in-law, Tits, we went for coffee at Starbucks at SM Pampanga.

The picture might not really show it but we were already crying that time. We will surely miss each other terribly even if there is already video chat ( there goes our line: iba pa din pag personal, with feelings!). She treated us for a coffee so that we could accompany her the whole night crying - and that was actually what we did. We waited til morning watching and joining her cry as she stared at the 3 little rascals, who need to be left behind for the meantime.

But life goes on and we are just waiting for next year to finally see each other again and do all the chikahans ( personal na yun non, so with feelings na ulet, heheh)

I never thought that having this "looking back" to the half year of my life can really be fun! So let's post that smile and enjoy Oh!Life!


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