Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Know...

Yeah, I know I am not keeping up with my promise on always updating this blog, booo! If there is one thing I need to blame this time, it would be my Internet provider. It's Digitel (major boooo!). For almost a month now, I am using Globe Tattoo and Smart Bro Prepaid interchangeably. We do not have a good signal at home but that's better than no Internet at all.

I grew tired of talking to the customer service since every time they go to the house to fix it, it worked temporarily. But the connection is intermittent and you would need to wait for about 15 to an hour before all those modem lights are on. And when it's on, count 5 to 15 minutes and the Internet is out again. Waaah! I know I am venting this is my blog anyway, lol!.

So I would just probably sneak sometime at work for blogging, eh? I am afraid I could not do that also. The two sites are just so demanding! Oh well, I think I'll just change the title of this post to "Venting" instead, LOL!


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