Thursday, July 29, 2010


It's My Mother's Birthday

And since mom's birthday was a weekday, we opted to just give her flowers and cake. My nephew recorded a video of us singing happy birthday to ma and it was hilarious. There was a part of the video where ma and I were not moving and were keeping our sweetest smiles because we thought that Zandro was just taking a picture of us. My sisters and brothers had a good laugh with the video and I am not posting it here, haha!

Come Saturday, we just dined out at Gerry's Grill at SM Pampanga. It was also one of those days that my nephew and nieces love ShoeMart to bits. As they put it when we are at SM, "Yeheeey! Tom's World!!!!"

Valentine's Day

It was not a lonely Hearts Day for me! I may not have a partner(romantically) at that time but boy, I have enough love to fill me. I woke up with the kids holding those heart-shaped lollipops which they bought from their allowances. They gave me, Mommy Dess, Daddy Kong and even a few of our neighbors - they're the sweetest!!! I really love my babies!

Then we went to Shean's baptism at Party Land in San Fernando. The food was great. We went home very full and happy. Then, we had a small photo shoot at home. Zandro, Cheska and Pia were in the mood for pictures. I was expecting that this Valentine's Day would turn out to be one of the sad V days, if not the saddest. But I went to sleep that night, thanking the Lord for the abundant love from my parents, brothers, sisters and most specially from my babies! I was happy :)

What's up next? Watch out for March highlights... We have so much to be thankful for having a wonderful Oh!Life!... Cheer up everyone!


Mich said...

welcome back sis! :)

Len said...

thanks, mich! :))

Nikki San said...

Hey! Please write more! Looking forward to read more of your posts.

mwuah mwuah!

Len said...

i'll try my best sweetie to update this blog. thanks for checking, in spite of the very few or lack of updates, ahaha!

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