Wednesday, July 28, 2010

No Promises

Aha, no more promises of updating this blog regularly - that's because I break those promises anyway, haha! But seriously, we're only counting 5 months and 2010 would soon be over - ambilis! I don't know if it's because I kept myself busy with a lot of things that days and months came without me noticing. I am not complaining though because I was busy with those times bonding with friends and family - lovin' those times! :))

So what's up with my next posts in this blog of mine that I neglected for how many months? (special message to my blog: Please don't hate me if I neglected you... please?) I will try to touch a little with the highlights of each month. And the operative word is - will try.... told you no promises! hahaha!

So hang in there, dear readers(do I still have? hahah) and sigh away the worries in your Oh!Life! (*o*)


CoLine said...

YEY!!! Welcome back --again! hahaha

Len said...

thanks, coline! hahaha sana tuluy tuloy na to :))

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