Wednesday, February 3, 2010


This is what technology has done..

~ While searching for the tons of cds in the cabinet to find the one that has the Hip Hop Abs, I was wishing to just punch in CTRL-F and find the CD in a snap.
~ Was looking for the manual of the universal remote control and have searched hi and lo but it's nowhere to be found. Why does CD-R-King's universal remote manual has to be so tiny? Please help...CTRL-F again. Sigh!
~ My niece and aunt were looking for her girl scout uniform. They have searched all the cabinets including those in the kitchen (duh!). Francesca was already getting impatient and was bugging me to text her mom (in Australia). If the house has CTRL and F keys, probably they would stop bugging me. :)

In life, we also try to find something or someone that would make us happy. We're always in a search. Would you want to have CTRL and F keys too in your life? Ah, what's funny then is that when you already keyed in CTRL-F, we end up not knowing what to type in that find box. Oh that's life!


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