Monday, February 8, 2010

This Made Me Laugh - Big Time!!!

I was having my favorite lunch (rice and mom's delicious kilain) while my parents were listening to the AM radio. It was a debate (or a question and answer?) for the presidentiables. I heard Eddie Villarde answer a question - not bad. Then there was Noynoy - not bad, too.

Then a question was thrown to Jamby Madrigal. The question was: "Magkano ang isang kilo ng galunggong at ang itlog na maalat?" She said: P60. And everyone in  the crowd shouted "boo!" - you could hear it clearly in the radio. Then she added: "Hindi ko alam kasi vegetarian ako." (ha!).

The itlog na maalat question was not forgotten. She went, "Di ako kumakain ng itlog." (haha!) You could hear the people shouting at her answers. As for us three (mother, father and I), we were laughing. But of course, this just proves one thing. I just hope the Filipino people would get to vote REALLY wisely.


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