Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Finally Gave In

I am now approaching my third decade of existence in this world and it is just now that I finally gave in to seriously learn how to drive. Fear and laziness are the main reasons for this. Today is my last day in the driving school. Oh, I hope that I would really be confident enough to brave the roads especially during the night. 

Would learning how to drive equals buying my own car? We'll see but I don't have the budget yet and I am saving for a very important thing (tis my priority #1). My father's wheel has been our constant ride since I was in high school (do the computation). Good thing it still serve the purpose of bringing us to wherever we want to. And of course, there comes the sentimental value - father could not just ditch it anyway. So I really need to learn how to handle the old jeep :)

Gotta go now, I would need to prepare for my 10-12 driving lesson.


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