Tuesday, February 2, 2010

On Moving On...

"Let go of the past. There's a significant reason why it can't make it up to your future."

I read this from one of the tweets of “The Love Strings”. Without any hesitations, of course, I totally agree! :) And this is how I am living my life since August of 2009. I just have to accept the fact that what happened, really happened for a reason. And it is meant to happen that is why it just has to end that way. It has no space in my future – so it is done, ended, ceased and finished! :)

It was also last August 2009 that my brother and my then soon to be sis-in-law had their prenuptial shooting. The photographer is my very good friend, Vic and as my way of moving on, I also need my own photo shoot. :)

This is me walking away from the past but moving on to a sweeter future.

Burying the past but reliving the lessons learned.

Looking to a brighter beginning with a big smile because life indeed is beautiful – in spite of and despite of!


AiDiSan said...

Aydo...pictorial mu ing makapag hilum keng sugat ning pusu mu...lol.

Keep moving on gracefully, you deserve to be happy Jo:)

Len said...

yup, jo.. ing pictorial masanting yang therapy para keng brokenhearted :)

thanks for the encouraging words...we all deserve to be happy :)

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