Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine Suggestion: A Night for the Broken-Hearted

And if you think that all of the Valentine suggestions that I would be providing here would be for lovers/with partners, you're mistaken. Here is one for those single and broken-hearted (ouchie). We all still have a little place in this world, you know (nuff for self pity, lol!). Here is Party Place Bar's take on this Valentine's Day.

 Party Place Bar is at Mac-Arthur Hi-way Dolores, San Fernando City. You can call them at 045-961-3360. Be sure to wear black on February 13, 2010. They would be featuring an R&B band from Manila.

So if you are into this, do I get to see you on Saturday wearing black at Party Place? Ey, I won't be there - it's Pinoy Big Brother's Big Night. I would stay awake late just to catch this show everynight even if I have work the next morning - so NO I should not miss the Big Night. But thanks to Party Place -- they know that there are still those who would rather wear black than red on V Day. ;-)


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